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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/6/2022

  • Clergy burnout
  • Clergy sue against abortion law
  • Work-life balance
  • St. Phoebe pilgrimage
  • Kees de Kort dies
  • Beavers are nature’s engineers

Facing burnout, many faith leaders are leaving their ministries
NPR: After two years of pandemic stress and deep divisions in society, many clergy are simply burned out.

Clergy sue to halt Florida abortion law, citing religious freedom*
The Washington Post: Saying Florida’s strict new abortion ban is causing “immediate and irreparable injury to … fundamental rights and cherished liberties,” seven members of a clergy asked a state court for a temporary injunction.

When work-life balance turns sinister*
Christian Century: The fantasy of Severance is that we can avoid facing the moral peril of the structures we inhabit.

She was an early church deacon. Catholic women now want to reclaim her example.
Religion News Service: On Saturday (Sept. 3), 56 pilgrims from four countries will gather in Mexico City to celebrate St. Phoebe’s feast day and consider how they might urge the church to reclaim the diaconate for women.

Kees de Kort, beloved Bible artist, dies
Christianity Today: The Dutch illustrator’s bold and simple work shaped “the biblical cosmos of images” for millions.

The Spark

A rancher’s truce with some pesky beavers paid off
The ‘highly skilled environmental engineers’* can help to store precious water and rejuvenate land ravaged by climate change, The New York Times says.

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Friday's News & Ideas - 9/22/2023

  • Gallup poll on spiritual & religious
  • Evangelical colleges’ enrollment up
  • When your boss has Bible study
  • Baptist leader steps down over fund use
  • Community of murdered Sikh activist
  • AI-assisted writing

Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/21/2023

  • SBC expels church where pastor did blackface
  • Falwell’s legal battle with Liberty
  • Theology of Sojourner Truth
  • Religious objections to DEI
  • Survey on Catholics & marriage
  • Bob Ross painting sold

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/20/2023

  • Suspended UMC bishop trial
  • Why don’t men sing in worship?
  • Hamline University lawsuit
  • Temple’s president dies after event
  • Legal battle over confessional
  • Kathmandu’s kung fu nuns
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