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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/15/2023

  • March for Israel rejects ceasefire
  • Mike Johnson on church & state
  • Black church fights rent costs
  • John Hagee speaks at March for Israel
  • Welby calls for ceasefire
  • Vegemite factory

In bipartisan March for Israel, crowd rejects cease-fire, demands release of hostages
Religion News Service: The march was intended as a response to numerous demonstrations across the country and the world — some led by Jews — calling for an end to Israel’s retaliatory strikes in Gaza.

Mike Johnson says Americans ‘misunderstand’ separation of church and state
HuffPost: “When the founders set this system up, they wanted a vibrant expression of faith in the public square,” the newly-minted House speaker said.

A historic Black church’s new gospel in Oakland: Fight the high housing costs*
The Los Angeles Times: These days, as many Black residents have left amid the high cost of housing, the services are largely empty, save for a couple dozen faithful who return week after week, some of them from far away suburbs.

Pastor John Hagee says an Israel-Palestinian peace deal will be the work of the anti-Christ*
Mother Jones: As tens of thousands of Americans were heading toward the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Tuesday to attend a rally professing support of Israel, a controversy erupted over the appearance of a particular speaker: John Hagee.

Archbishop of Canterbury makes ‘moral cry’ for Israel-Hamas ceasefire
The Guardian: Justin Welby’s call came as British Palestinians with relatives in Gaza demanded a meeting with the prime minister.

The Spark

The corner lot where all the world’s vegemite comes from
First concocted a century ago, the spread* is widely adored by Australians — and loathed by almost everyone else, The New York Times says.

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