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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/24/2021

  • New children’s Bibles
  • TV portrayal of clergy
  • France’s secularism
  • Map of Hutterite colonies
  • Christian groups mad at Blinken
  • Make mental health a global priority

New children’s Bibles rethink how Christians share old, old story with young readers
Religion News Service: Parents are calling attention to whitewashed illustrations, almost exclusively male characters and an emphasis on memorizing morals over engaging with the divine in many existing children's story Bibles.

‘Rogues or idiots’: Justin Welby condemns TV portrayal of clergy
The Guardian: Archbishop of Canterbury says vicars are ‘hard-working, normal people’ rather than ‘depressing’ depictions seen in TV dramas

Why is France so afraid of God?*
The Atlantic: How the country came to view religion as a threat to national identity.

This map of Hutterite colonies shows evolution at work
Big Think: This map of Hutterite colonies in North America says something about religion and evolution — and more precisely, speciation.

Christian groups furious at Blinken for removing Nigeria from religious violence list
Politico: Critics are blasting the secretary of State's move as the “revenge of the bureaucracy.”

The Spark

Is therapy the best way to make the world happier?
The case for making mental health a priority in global development according to Vox.

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