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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/30/2022

  • SBC & Guidepost lawsuit
  • American rituals
  • Amy Grant honored
  • Tattoo artist in basilica
  • Abuse survivors take action
  • Key changes disappeared

David Sills, former seminary prof accused of abuse, sues SBC and Guidepost
Religion News Service: Sills, who lost his job after admitting misconduct, claims SBC leaders used him as a scapegoat to bolster their public image.

American rituals*
The New York Times: Stories of belief from across the nation, where faith takes many forms.

Amy Grant conquered Christian music. That was just her first act.*
The Washington Post: Grant will become the first contemporary Christian music star to receive the Kennedy Center Honors.

Dutch tattoo artist uses Amsterdam basilica for latest work
Crux: For one day only, St. Nicholas Basilica in Amsterdam turned into the workplace of tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher. The well-known Dutch artist tattooed his recently auctioned image of St. Nicholas on the forearm of the lucky winner.

Abuse survivors in bid to seize Catholic properties after church fails to pay court costs
The Guardian: Three survivors who settled with Marist Brothers have taken action after church failed to follow court order to cover legal costs.

The Spark

Where did all the key changes go?
Many of the biggest hits in pop music used to have something in common: a key change, but key changes have become harder to find in top hits, NPR says.

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  • Solo dining

Thursday's News & Ideas - 1/26/2023

  • American Ukrainians & war
  • Faculty gender imbalances
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  • AP interview of Pope
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