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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/11/2022

  • Evangelicalism’s ‘seismic shift’
  • UMC court rules on conference exits
  • White nationalists & abortion protests
  • Philippine clergy, post-election
  • ‘Capitol rioters attend my church’
  • Passenger (with no flying experience) lands plane

As a ‘seismic shift’ fractures evangelicals, an Arkansas pastor leaves home*
The New York Times: Kevin Thompson thought he would lead his hometown church for the rest of his life. Then came Trump and everything after.

Church court: Conferences can’t exit unilaterally
United Methodist News: U.S. annual conferences have no authority under current church law to withdraw from The United Methodist Church, the denomination’s top court ruled.

After church protests, experts warn extremists may exploit abortion demonstrations
Religion News Service: ‘For white nationalists specifically, opposition to abortion is a centerpiece in their worldview,’ said Jared Holt, an extremism expert.

Philippine Catholic clergy express disappointment about new president’s victory
National Catholic Reporter: Some Catholic clergymen and groups expressed disappointment at the result of the Philippine presidential election by offering messages of support to Leonor “Leni” Robredo, the defeated candidate and the champion of many in the church.

I just discovered Capitol rioters attend my church
HuffPost: “This was not just the typical conservative ideology that I had seen cozying up to evangelicalism over the years. This was something else.”

The Spark

Passenger with no flying experience lands plane after pilot incapacitated
The air traffic controller asked the passenger what his position was. He replied: “I have no idea. I see the coast of Florida in front of me and I have no idea,” says The Guardian.

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