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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/15/2024

  • Pastor seeks reinstatement in UMC
  • FL’s abortion amendment
  • Christian billionaire starts trial
  • Back to the office & top talent
  • Exclusion of Jewish jurors
  • Taylor Swift church service

United Methodists scrap their anti-gay bans. A woman who defied them seeks reinstatement as pastor
Associated Press: Twenty years ago, Beth Stroud was defrocked from her beloved job as a United Methodist pastor in Philadelphia. In a church trial, she was found guilty of violating “Christian teaching” because she had acknowledged living in a committed relationship with another woman.

Liberals and conservatives try energizing voters with Florida’s abortion amendment
WRLN: Florida voters might not deliver the volume of votes for President Joe Biden and other democrats on the ballot that the party hopes for.

Christian billionaire goes on trial for major Wall Street fraud*
Christianity Today: Federal prosecutors are trying to prove that Bill Hwang committed massive market manipulation through his investment firm Archegos. His defense says he was trading like anyone else on Wall Street.

Ordered back to the office, top tech talent left instead, study finds*
The Washington Post: In the months following return-to-office mandates, an increased number of senior employees departed Apple, Microsoft and SpaceX, often to work for competitors, The Washington Post says.

Exclusion of Jewish jurors prompts review of California death row cases*
The New York Times: Dozens of cases are under review after notes from jury selection in a 1990s murder case indicated that prosecutors worked to exclude Jews.

The Spark

Taylor Swift service fills German church
A 600-year-old church in southern Germany may not be the place one would expect to hear Taylor Swift songs, but that is what happened Sunday, DW says.

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