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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/7/2023

  • ‘Young, Restless and Reformed’ movement
  • Religious groups at Pride events
  • Pope to undergo surgery today
  • Paul’s lost letters
  • An audience with the pope
  • 20 years of podcasts

With Keller’s death, ‘young, restless and reformed’ new Calvinists are at a crossroads
Religion News Service: The Reformed resurgence swept through evangelicalism in the early 2000s, fueled by Calvinism, charisma and complementarianism. Despite the fall of a number of leaders, the movement retains staying power.

Why you might notice more religious groups at Pride celebrations this year
NPR: More pro-gay God-talk at Pride this year is no accident. It’s a national initiative of the progressive Interfaith Alliance, involving Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and others.

Pope Francis will have intestinal surgery and stay in the hospital for several days
Associated Press: Pope Francis was admitted to the hospital for surgery Wednesday to repair a hernia in his intestine, the latest malady to befall the 86-year-old pontiff.

Paul’s lost letters*
The Christian Century: We’ll never know what he wrote to the churches at Jerusalem or Caesarea Maritima.

What I learned at my audience with the pope*
The New Yorker: “It was truly affecting to see this man, whose life has not been his own in the ten years since he was elected Pope, whose every move is scrutinized for significance, make his way across the polished floor in a dainty two-step.”

The Spark

‘Deeply personal and very authentic’: how podcasts took over the world in 20 years
Since the first podcast was released two decades ago this month, the medium has upended pop culture in countless unexpected ways, from revolutionizing standup comedy to providing storytelling fuel for drama and documentary, says The Guardian.

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