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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/20/2023

  • Suspended UMC bishop trial
  • Why don’t men sing in worship?
  • Hamline University lawsuit
  • Temple’s president dies after event
  • Legal battle over confessional
  • Kathmandu’s kung fu nuns

Suspended UMC Latina bishop accused of financial malfeasance and retaliation
Religion News Service: The trial of Bishop Minerva Carcaño is a first for a United Methodist bishop.

All about that tenor: Why men don’t sing in worship*
Christianity Today: Music experts say we don’t need more “manly songs,” but we do need to help lower voices find their place

Minnesota professor dismissed over showing Islamic art can proceed with lawsuit, judge rules
The Associated Press: A former Hamline University adjunct art professor can proceed with her lawsuit against the private Minnesota school but only on the basis of religious discrimination, a federal judge has ruled.

Temple’s acting president, JoAnne A. Epps, has died after falling ill on stage at university event*
The Philadelphia Inquirer: JoAnne A. Epps, 72, who had previously led the law school, fell ill at a university event.

Lutheran pastor’s leaked confessional touches off unholy legal war*
The Daily Beast: When a potentially ruinous secret was divulged to his wife, it “was like the sacraments turning poison,” Rev. Anthony H.T. Stephens said.

The Spark

Sisters of no mercy: Kathmandu’s kung fu nuns – in pictures
The 350 women of the Drukpa dragon order are highly skilled in martial arts, which they practice six days a week. They also help the sick, rescue animals, pick up litter and can rewire a temple, The Guardian says.

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