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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/21/2022

  • Jewish LGBTQ nonprofit to fund YU clubs
  • Grassroots groups advocate for UMC
  • Iran anti-hijab protests
  • Religious appropriation & whiteness
  • ‘The Whale’ & religious trauma
  • The enduring wisdom of ‘Goodnight Moon’

Jewish LGBTQ nonprofit will fund Yeshiva University clubs as school halts them
Religion News Service: The move comes days after the university halted student groups to avoid recognizing the YU Pride Alliance.

Grassroots groups talk up The United Methodist Church
United Methodist News: In a time of church disaffiliations, some conferences have seen grassroots groups emerge to advocate for remaining in The United Methodist Church.

Iran unrest: Women burn headscarves at anti-hijab protests
BBC: Women have been at the forefront of escalating protests in Iran sparked by the death in custody of a woman detained for breaking hijab laws.

Religious appropriation depends on whiteness too
Religion & Politics: What is spiritual but not religious if not a commitment to borrow religious practices while remaining an outsider to religious communities, a situation ripe for appropriation?

Inside Darren Aronofsky’s messy movie ‘The Whale’ is something wise about religious trauma
Vox: This is what “The Whale” gets exactly right: the ways that fundamentalist religion and other legalistic cultures teach adherents to hate those whose bodies don’t fit a prescribed mold — especially themselves.

The Spark

The enduring wisdom of ‘Goodnight Moon’
It’s the first book many babies receive as a gift, and one of the few that parents will keep when their child is grown, says the New York Times. Why does this 75-year-old story* have such staying power?

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