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In honor of our 10th anniversary, we offer you 10 memorable pieces that represent the way we try every day to respond to your needs, offer a mix of perspectives and lean into hope.

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Who is my neighbor?

After years of decline, a congregation in Houston has been experimenting with a new ministry with refugees in a nearby neighborhood. This collection tells a story of reclaiming a mission, navigating change, nurturing innovative leaders and embarking on the patient work of building friendship.

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light bulb

L. Gregory Jones: Traditioned innovation

A way of thinking and being that holds the past and future in tension, not in opposition, is crucial to the growth and vitality of Christian institutions. L. Gregory Jones explains the phrase he coined.

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Welcome to the church of ‘holy chaos’

Prepare to be blown away by the Spirit at this church in Asheville, North Carolina, where a radical experiment in street ministry is supported by a mainline denomination.

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Monica A. Coleman: Jesus is here, even for those silenced by depression

In Holy Week, a favorite gospel song reminds the author that God loves even those who cannot cry out in praise, those whom depression has left as silent as stones.

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Bill Lamar and Laura Everett

Can These Bones

This Faith & Leadership podcast asks a fresh set of questions about leadership and the future of the church. The Rev. Bill Lamar and the Rev. Laura Everett talk with people of faith inside and outside the church -- conversations that breathe life into leaders struggling in their own valley of dry bones.

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Dave Odom: RIP, average attendance

That number means much less today because the definition of an active congregation member has shifted. So, what numbers should we track now?

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Songwriting internship empowers young Christians to write ‘soundtrack of reconciliation’

At the Urban Doxology Songwriting Internship, young musicians study theology and collaborate on worship songs that speak to the challenges of a diverse community.

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open book

Andrea Palpant Dilley: Change wisely, dude

A young writer has some advice for church leaders trying desperately to attract and retain young people: change carefully and wisely. What young people say they want in their 20s is not necessarily what they want 10 years later.

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MORTAR’s entrepreneur training helps longtime residents ride the wave of revitalization

Too often, neighborhood revitalization leaves behind the people who already live in urban neighborhoods. A new model in Cincinnati seeks to train and support locals so they can benefit from the economic boom.

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Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett: Will religious institutions rise to the occasion?

Young people today may be questioning the church, but they are doing so in a way that is faithful to the heart of the tradition. This has the capacity to fuel real spiritual renewal for our institutions, says the host of “On Being” in this interview.

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