Leadership Education at Duke Divinity participates in the cultivation of thriving communities that are signs, foretastes and instruments of the reign of God.

We address a yearning for greater strength and vitality among Christian institutions and for greater faithfulness and effectiveness in the leadership and management of those institutions. Thriving communities need vibrant Christian institutions, and both need excellent Christ-shaped leadership.

In collaboration with leaders throughout the church, we have learned that four capacities are foundational in sustaining vibrant Christian institutions:

  • Traditioned innovation, rooted in the story of the Trinity, invigorates the present and envisions the future by honoring the church’s past.
  • Transformative leadership, responsive to God through the development of mindsets, activities and traits, equips people to advance the church’s mission.
  • Generative organization, in keeping with the Triune God’s intention in creation, continually orders human activities and relationships toward a common end by attending to issues of scale and scope, enhancing networks and overinvesting in the young.
  • Sustainable design, in response to God's provision, calls forth the cultivation of human, intellectual, service, network and financial capital to enable institutions and communities to grow, prune and renew over time.

To learn more about what we teach to strengthen Christian leaders and the institutions they serve, visit these pages: