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Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • God in the earthquake
  • Life in the sermon yet
  • '30-Minute Seminary'
  • Hilltop monastery in Syria
  • God’s undivided attention
  • Rural ministry immersion
  • What I keep

Friday's News & Ideas

  • Time is running out
  • Pastor-group oil strike
  • Jewish-Catholic relations
  • British immigration squabbles
  • Counseling skills lower clergy stress
  • Slow walk in a field of wildflowers

Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Pentecostalism in Africa
  • Things unmeasurable
  • Canada’s new bishop
  • Pension woes in England
  • Let’s not talk about it
  • Preaching to bishops

Friday's News & Ideas

  • Worst idea in years
  • Soft target for crime
  • Taste the gumbo first
  • Vision surplus
  • Theology for atheists
  • Operating without mystery
  • Winning photos

Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • A word from the vicar’s wife
  • Radical Feminist Pirate, RIP
  • Epiphany in Europe
  • Re Brit: It’s what evangelicals do
  • More on the virtual world
  • Three questions


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