Even hippies organize. Look at Woodstock, an event that arguably wouldn’t have happened without the 19th century revivalist camp meetings as a model.

But revivalism also has a distinctly Christian and more innovative descendant: the Wild Goose Festival, starting today, here in North Carolina. Following its big British sister, the Greenbelt Festival (going on its 37th year in the UK, drawing +20,000 people), Wild Goose gathers an eclectic line-up of musicians, artists, organizations, church leaders and speakers. They’ll be talking, singing, dancing and praying around four themes: music, art, spirituality and justice.

If you happen to be near Shakori Hills, N.C., today through Sunday, wander out into the woods and see what’s happening. Otherwise check back here at “Call & Response” over the next few days. Writer Jesse DeConto will be blogging from the festival.