In the wake of Nelson Mandela's death, we offer here our previously published essays about his leadership.

Leadership as loving enemies
The ministry of reconciliation is fundamental to what makes Christian leadership Christian. The stories of Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela set a moral compass for our aspirations, says L. Gregory Jones.

Leading toward the "extreme center"
The book "Going to Extremes" explains why people tend toward group polarization. Christian leaders have a responsibility to help their communities engage diverse viewpoints and love enemies, says L. Gregory Jones.

Small acts, great transformations
As the lives of André Trocmé and Nelson Mandela readily show, transformational leadership begins with small acts of goodness and basic human decency, says Jason Byassee.

Jason Byassee: How should a leader walk around?
How should a leader carry herself? I don't mean in terms of virtues. I would likely draw consent on this page that a leader should display humility, courage, and charity above all.

Jason Byassee: Get behind me, Satan
Even if our following does not exact the high cost that Christians elsewhere pay daily, we still need to remember that suffering may wait just beyond the horizon if we lead faithfully in our own ministries.