C. Kavin Rowe: Pentecost as traditioned innovation
The coming of the Holy Spirit is both a fulfillment of that which is old and a radical new beginning, writes a New Testament scholar.

Jo Bailey Wells: Messy church
The events of Pentecost are a divine reversal of Babel. While Babel represents a dazzling logistical accomplishment, Pentecost demands a tolerance for ambiguity, messiness and diversity.

Michael Jinkins: Hearing with Pentecost ears
Pentecost was a miracle of hearing, of comprehension, of listening.

Rhonda Mawhood Lee: The power of Pentecost
On Pentecost, Christians celebrate the power that is our only hope for living into our divine citizenship, the unsettling and sustaining power of the Holy Spirit, says an Episcopal priest.

Timothy Larsen: The Spirit says it's Pentecost Sunday
Pentecostals generally do not observe Pentecost Sunday. One might assume this is because they do not follow the church calendar. Another theory: Every Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.

Cheryl M. Lawrence: Pentecost and the biker church
A pastor finds that the Holy Spirit descends upon her -- on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Laura Truax: Reimagining power
The story of Pentecost is the story of ordinary people receiving power. And one primary essence of the Spirit’s power is the power to reimagine, says Laura Truax.