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Tyler Sit in front of Abolish the Police mural, Minneapolis

The Rev. Tyler Sit stands near the corner of Minnehaha Avenue and Lake Street in Minneapolis, where some of the worst damage occurred after the murder of George Floyd. Photos by Glen Stubbe

A church that grows together protests together

During the uprising that swelled after the murder of George Floyd, a Minneapolis congregation found that it already had the character and resources to respond faithfully.

Detail from the cover of "Planning Sabbaticals: A Guide for Congregations and Their Pastors."

Excerpt: 'Planning Sabbaticals: A Guide for Congregations and Their Pastors'

In this excerpt from his recent book, author Robert C. Saler writes about pastoral sabbaticals as a time of reinvigoration and reflection for both church leaders and their congregations. Saler directs the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs and the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary.

Students and faculty from City Seminary of New York gather at Grand Central Station for a "Pray and Break Bread" event.  Photo courtesy of Mark Gornik

Mark Gornik and Maria Liu Wong: 'Stay in the City' -- Christian faith in today's urban world

How will Christians live out their faith in a world that is more urban than ever before? The director and the dean of City Seminary of New York share what they’re learning as God brings Christians from across the globe to New York and other urban areas.