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Thursday's News & Ideas

  • In Britain, evangelical Christianity going strong
  • Spirituality as a tonic for postwar stress
  • A priest fights home foreclosures
  • A sign of the times: Coffee shops boot laptop users

Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • How can you create a culture of innovation?
  • Washing away sin indoors
  • Church of England gets help to navigate financial crisis
  • Volunteering that doesn’t interrupt your schedule

Monday's News & Ideas

  • A prayer booth in city hall?
  • A church leader talks about the transcendental and trivial
  • U2charists focus service on the poor
  • Images of everyday holiness

Friday's News & Ideas

  • Back to Memphis for the SCLC
  • Know Jesus, no science?
  • Missing Mary
  • A life: ‘Having a wonderful time. . . wish you were here.’


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