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Friday's News & Ideas

  • Where will the Obamas go to church?
  • If you’re thinking about laying off staff, think again. There may be better ways to save money.
  • Greed -- the game show.

Thursday's News & Ideas

  • What would Wesley do in a financial calamity?
  • Secularization up in Britain. Except when people need religion's financial advice.
  • Key to fighting divorce? Three words: Major League Baseball

Monday's News & Ideas

  • Questioning assumptions about leadership (should we really set goals?)
  • Endowed professorships focused on teaching alone
  • Allowing to die

Friday's News & Ideas

  • Good Friday from Simon of Cyrene's eyes
  • A "sense of wonder" as a hiring criterion
  • Costly leadership: resigning rather than firing

Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Attendance up at bars, movie theaters & churches
  • Dressing up to not work: a way to keep one's pride
  • The greatest generation may be still to come


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