Art can show us the possibility of transformation through the interplay of tradition and innovation and of order and disorder, says Jeremy Begbie, Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology at Duke Divinity School.

Begbie teaches systematic theology and specializes in the interface between theology and the arts. In addition to being a musician, he is ordained in the Church of England and is director of Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts.

He is also senior member at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and an affiliated lecturer in the Faculties of Divinity and Music in the University of Cambridge. Previously he has been associate principal at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and honorary professor in the University of St. Andrews, where he directed the research project Theology Through the Arts at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts.

Begbie is author of a number of books, including “Voicing Creation’s Praise: Towards a Theology of the Arts;” “Theology, Music and Time” and, most recently, “Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music,” which won a Christianity Today 2008 Book Award. He has taught widely in the United Kingdom, North America and South Africa, specializing in multimedia performance-lectures.