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Hope in conflict

Can conflict be constructive? Christian leaders turn denominational battles into opportunities for transformation and reconciliation.

Everything looks different from here

Misunderstandings about organizational priorities may be rooted in the differing perspectives of top and mid-level leaders, according to a new study by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Bringing those differences to the surface can help all leaders get on the same page.

Onward, Christian soldier!

He transformed the Army - why not the church? A retired general brings his considerable organizational skills to helping the Catholic Church in the U.S.

Fitting it all together

Sarah Nazimova-Baum’s path was never straight, but her journey has become a source for much of her ministry.

Work and prayer

Trappist monks become entrepreneurs. Brothers at a monastery in Missouri run a business enterprise while also dedicating their lives to God.

Finding redemption in recession

Many pastors face the challenge of their careers. Pastors across the country talk about what they see when they look out at the pews and what they say from the pulpit.

Making transitions

A change of leadership can be difficult. Congregations, pastors and denominational leaders have to work hard to effect smooth pastoral leadership transitions.