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On mission

For 25 years, Lawndale Christian Health Center has expanded services in a needy community while maintaining its church-based identity.

We are in this together

Laura Truax’s faith journey has included a punishing fundamentalism, a mind-opening exposure to Zen Buddhism and a Jesuit education. Now she is the senior pastor of an evangelical congregation with a mission to embrace the world.

Growing your own leaders

Empowering and hiring local residents is important to Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection, a faith-based network of urban service-learning programs.

Reconciliation on campus

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a rare model of a large institution that has woven racial reconciliation into its DNA, despite the fact that trying to achieve this goal can be messy and discouraging.

Plugged in . . . to the future

In the heart of tobacco country, a United Methodist church is helping create a new economic future by providing adult computer training. Some members weren’t sure, but most agreed: It’s exactly what the church should be doing.

After the deluge

Rebuilding a community, block by block. An innovative partnership created by two United Methodist pastors revitalizes flood-ravaged neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The coffeehouse church

Leaders of a 100-year-old United Methodist Church in San Antonio discerned a call to create a new, missional community. But instead of planting a church, they planted a coffeehouse.

Clergy women make connections

Women have been entering into ministry in large numbers for decades. But few women lead congregations, and those who do are likely to lead small congregations.