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Pastoral leadership: The one thing that matters

Pastors can feel incompetent when they are asked to take charge of everything from facilities to strategic planning. But Paul Feela offers three leadership practices that help him stay focused on the most indispensible part of his job: keeping the gospel’s call to communion before himself and the parish.

Illuminating the word of God

The Saint John’s Bible combines captivating, original art and hand-inked Scripture to create a Bible that engages readers in a deep way.

Keeping it in the neighborhood

Kit Danley founded Neighborhood Ministries, a Phoenix-based holistic outreach organization serving low-income families and at-risk children, after her "phone booth" conversion.

Hip-hop mosaic

Efrem Smith uses hip-hop music in church, but it’s not a marketing gimmick. For this pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church, embracing hip-hop culture is an expression of his theology and a means of achieving the goal of his ministry: a church that’s a mosaic of all kinds of people.

New pastors, small churches

A PC(USA) program matches new seminary graduates with small churches. For some pastors it means moving from Seattle or Los Angeles to the Dakotas. For the congregations, it means welcoming a leader -- often for the first time in years.

Signs of change

A once-struggling Florida congregation is bursting with new life after being adopted by a thriving multi-site megachurch, Grace Church.

Amazing Grace

In an economically hard-hit Florida town, Grace Church is a booming blue-collar, mainline, multi-site megachurch that welcomes “the people nobody else wants or sees.”