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Power for good

Over the past three decades, Good Works in Appalachian Ohio has created a model of Christian hospitality by offering its neighbors a hand up and a chance to help others.

Building new bridges in Madison County

A small, rural Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation in Iowa has given away more than $1 million in scholarships to the graduates of its local schools, regardless of whether they are members of the church or the denomination -- or even Christians.

Interrupting violence

CeaseFire has created a new model for combating crime. The key: Looking at urban violence as a public health problem, not a criminal justice problem.

High-touch and old-school

The Latino Community Credit Union was founded more than a decade ago in response to violence against a growing Latino population. Today, its community-focused approach to banking has made it a model institution for how to serve immigrants, the poor and diverse customers.

Learning to live with others

Sarah Jobe, an ordained Baptist minister and a prison chaplain, explains what it is like to live in an intentional Christian community and how she has learned, despite her fears, to practice hospitality and live out the book of Acts.

Everybody wants a piece of the senior leader’s most valuable asset: time. Protect it with a system that frees you to focus on the important while unleashing the creativity of others, says a retired Army general and Catholic lay leader.