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Body and soul

United Methodist clergy in North Carolina have significantly higher rates of chronic disease than other state residents, according to new research by the Clergy Health Initiative at Duke Divinity School. The findings could be illuminating for others in ministry as well.

Sacrificial giving

A church in a depressed, Rust Belt town has raised more than $4 million to help people in Sudan. This remarkable project began when the Rev. Mike Slaughter challenged his congregants to turn away from consumer culture and spend their money to help people in need.

On mission

For 25 years, Lawndale Christian Health Center has expanded services in a needy community while maintaining its church-based identity.

We are in this together

Laura Truax’s faith journey has included a punishing fundamentalism, a mind-opening exposure to Zen Buddhism and a Jesuit education. Now she is the senior pastor of an evangelical congregation with a mission to embrace the world.

Growing your own leaders

Empowering and hiring local residents is important to Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection, a faith-based network of urban service-learning programs.

Reconciliation on campus

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a rare model of a large institution that has woven racial reconciliation into its DNA, despite the fact that trying to achieve this goal can be messy and discouraging.

Plugged in . . . to the future

In the heart of tobacco country, a United Methodist church is helping create a new economic future by providing adult computer training. Some members weren’t sure, but most agreed: It’s exactly what the church should be doing.