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Stephen Roberts sits on the grounds of All Saints Church on Christmas morning, where he and others enjoyed an outdoor community breakfast. Photos by Noé Montes

A congregation helps homeless people during the pandemic by offering refuge and support

When shelter options began to close for people living on the streets in Pasadena, California, All Saints Church stepped in by developing a system to offer its property safely and sustainably and to create a model for other churches to do the same.

The Table of Hope mobile food pantry is part of the ministry that Bethel Church of Morristown, New Jersey, expanded after a 2011 flood that nearly destroyed its building. Photos courtesy of Bethel Church

A devastating storm becomes a turning point for a historic African Methodist Episcopal church

When volunteers and donors helped repair massive flood damage to its building, the pastor and congregation paid back the community by creating an ambitious food ministry.

Wanda Lundy

The Rev. Dr. Wanda Lundy, pastor of Siloam Hope First Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey, walks in the church graveyard that inspired the 313 Project. Photos by Alexis Llewellyn

A merged congregation bonds over a project to honor the freed and enslaved Africans buried in its cemetery

A historic, predominantly Black congregation in New Jersey seeks to learn the names and stories of more than 300 unidentified souls buried in unmarked graves.