Christians often focus on the negative aspects of power -- power as coercion, for example. But Andy Crouch, author of “Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling,” redefines power as the ability to create and introduce a new cultural good. For Christians, the exercise of power means helping people fulfill their God-given call to be creators of culture, he says.

A senior editor at Christianity Today International, Crouch has served as executive producer of the documentary films “Where Faith and Culture Meet” and “Round Trip” and was editorial director of the Christian Vision Project. His writing has appeared in “Best Christian Writing” and “Best Spiritual Writing.”

Crouch is a classically trained musician and received a master’s of divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology. He lives with his family in Swarthmore, Pa.

“Culture Making” won Christianity Today’s 2009 Book Award for Christianity and Culture and was named one of the best books of 2008 by Publishers Weekly, Relevant, Outreach and Leadership.

In an interview with Faith & Leadership, Crouch shares his thoughts about power and why it’s the subject of his next book.