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Jim Harnish: Who needs a savior?

In this Easter sermon, the senior pastor of Hyde Park UMC says that the unfinished ending of Mark’s Gospel reminds us that Easter is not just the remembrance of something in the past. It is the good news that the risen savior is alive and is on the road ahead of us.

Trygve David Johnson: The great tension

Jesus is able to hold the tension between the tradition of Israel on the one hand and the innovation of God on the other, says the dean of the chapel at Hope College.

The gravity of grace

The cross is a sign pointing to a reality that is even now framing this one, a reality that whispers that even in the midst of the sufferings of this present moment there is a glory yet to be revealed, writes Trygve David Johnson.

Journeying with Jesus' body

The narrative of Holy Week has something to offer to those who are too frightened to face the reality of death for fear that their intense grief may be purposeless or endless, says Jessica Bratt in this sermon.