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Stanley Hauerwas: Recognizing Jesus

How are we to account for Simeon’s and Anna’s failure to respond to this baby as we would expect? Why do they, ignoring all suggestion of cultural convention, see this baby Jesus as God’s long-awaited salvation for Israel?

Samuel Wells: Let Earth and heaven agree

Why should Christians care about the fate of Earth? Because cherishing creation is the way we show God our gratitude, the way we humbly acknowledge our creatureliness, and an important way in which we worship, says the former dean of Duke Chapel.

Nancy S. Taylor: Magnify

Mary’s Song is a reminder to all Christians that in saying yes to God, Mary also said no to all that is ungodly, says the senior minister and CEO of Old South Church in Boston.

The view from the ditch

From the perspective of the man in the ditch, the story of the Good Samaritan asks something more profound than whether you’re willing to help: Are you ready to be rescued?

Coming soon

When the kingdom comes, the signs will be clear, even for a people who aren’t good at reading them, says Jeremy Troxler. Until then, remember: We are a sign.