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Tangier Island, in the Chesapeake Bay, is losing coastline every year and its residents may be the first "climate-change refugees" in the United States. Image courtesy of Google Maps 

Nathan Kirkpatrick: Tangier Island, the church and living on the edge

Tangier Island is losing up to 16 feet of coastline every year and will be uninhabitable within 50 years. How many congregations find themselves similarly watching the sea rise, and why aren’t we doing more for them?

Creative use of its buildings, including the Nathaniel Felton Junior House, has provided much-needed income for the Peabody Historical Society and Museum near Boston.
Photo courtesy of the Peabody Historical Society and Museum

Bringing the past into the future

Small local history museums near Boston have reinvented themselves, creating sustainable institutions that are going against two decades of decline for museums nationwide.