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Journalistic narratives about catalytic organizations and leaders that are innovative while remaining rooted in tradition

Making transitions

A change of leadership can be difficult. Congregations, pastors and denominational leaders have to work hard to effect smooth pastoral leadership transitions.

Rock solid

A dead church is resurrected. On a stretch of road in North Carolina’s Sandhills region, the Rev. Gil Wise’s entrepreneurial leadership and clear vision have helped create a thriving community.

Seizing the moment

AME founder Richard Allen saw in the 1793 yellow fever epidemic an opportunity to help his fellow citizens and to advocate for equality, writes Rochester Institute of Technology history professor Richard Newman.

Being the ministry

Leaders of Broad Street Ministry made a church to serve its neighbors. The result is an unconventional Christian community that embraces everyone from homeless people to investment bankers.

Telling the story

Don’t forget us -- tell our story. Everywhere they went in New Orleans, members of a church group from Pennsylvania heard the same plea. So they told the story -- in prose, video and poetry. Then the project got even bigger.

Maturing missions

Short-term trips abroad inspire American Christians and harness their energy. But many congregations now are blending the volunteer approach with long-term, strategic partnerships.

Leading the follower

Being a good Christian disciple does not mean doing what you’re told. Because Christian leadership is rooted in community, followers need to be active and engaged.

Rendering unto God

What’s the best way to raise money during an economic crisis? Experts say focusing on “faith-raising,” not fundraising, is the key.

Crisis and faith

The current economic crisis is hitting Christian organizations hard. Keeping the church financially healthy while staying true to its mission requires honesty, courage and planning as well as faith.