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Journalistic narratives about catalytic organizations and leaders that are innovative while remaining rooted in tradition

Welcoming immigrants

American churches are growing more ethnically diverse, a new study shows. More recent immigrants are members of predominantly white churches, but truly multicultural congregations are still rare.

Generation to generation

Honoring generational differences. Some young pastors seek more flexibility, better work-life balance and less hierarchy than their older colleagues. These differences can be a source of tension -- and of hope.

Practicing what they preach

Spiritual practices and Christian leadership. “You can’t just preach it,” says Jim Wallis, of Sojourners magazine. Wallis and others say daily prayer, Scripture reading and other disciplines give them strength and passion for living the gospel as individuals and in community.

Measuring ministry

Churches and denominations struggle with the best way to evaluate clergy. Do numbers tell the story, or is pastors’ work too difficult to gauge?

Starting well

Presidents set ambitious goals for the first 100 days. But Christian leaders starting a new job might begin better by listening, planning and learning instead.