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A group of people sitting in a circle outdoors

College students and young professionals gather at a home worship service hosted by Carey and Gannon Sims (upper left), the co-directors of a campus ministry in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Photos by Mike Morones

A campus ministry thrives in the pandemic by appealing to young people and planting house churches

In a student ministry at the University of Mary Washington, two pastors have overseen the birth of several house churches by relying on the power of creativity and connection.

In his new book, Jennings discusses this image, "Family worship in a plantation in South Carolina," which illustrates what he calls the racial paterfamilias. Image courtesy of The New York Public Library digital collections

Willie James Jennings: By naming the foundational problems of theological education, we can aspire to an alternative vision

In the inaugural book of the Theological Education Between the Times series, an associate professor at Yale Divinity School describes his hope for forming gatherers of people rather than sustainers of an old, sick model of domination.