Richard J. Mouw: Lessons on leadership

In this series of reflections, the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary offers a few lessons on what it means to lead Christian institutions today.

Leadership -- it's not only for administrators
Leadership isn’t confined to the administrative suite. Teachers and scholars can do it too.

Put on the attire of leadership
A halftime visit with the leaders of Notre Dame and West Point was a reminder that leadership is contextual, as varied as a clerical collar, an Army general’s uniform and chinos with a V-neck sweater.

Machiavelli and Christian leadership
Richard J. Mouw is no fan of Machiavelli. But he does wish for a 'seminary president's guidebook' that would match the scope and complexity of Machiavelli's writings on political leadership.

Metaphors matter
Businesses aren't families; churches aren't governments; universities aren't armies. Be careful with your metaphors.