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Tyler Sit in front of Abolish the Police mural, Minneapolis

The Rev. Tyler Sit stands near the corner of Minnehaha Avenue and Lake Street in Minneapolis, where some of the worst damage occurred after the murder of George Floyd. Photos by Glen Stubbe

A church that grows together protests together

During the uprising that swelled after the murder of George Floyd, a Minneapolis congregation found that it already had the character and resources to respond faithfully.

Rabbi addresses group in temple. Middle Eastern musicians are behind him.

Rabbi Joshua Stanton, center, and Naz Georgas, standing, dressed in white, introduce a concert of spiritual music by Mohammed Zaman Zaki Taji Qawwal brothers in the sanctuary of East End Temple, a synagogue near Union Square in New York City. Photo courtesy of Cordoba House

Jews and Muslims in New York bond over shared space and shared values

When a Muslim group needed a place for youth religious education, it began meeting at a synagogue. This arrangement led to friendship and learning -- and activism.